What every organizational leader needs to know for forward movement.

YOU Decide!

We help YOU improve the culture of access to your programs with innovative practice and culturally responsive programming that works for your niche market on and off-line.  We teach you to dig deeper for the program language that stands above the crowd of funder proposals and help you find the money for your movement.  

Our programs are designed to help you make informed decisions about the direction of your organization.  We help you to understand ...

your market; position your products/service a notch above; understand what the competition is doing; identify whats working and what is not working; and generate social engagement.  ​

Develop your social stage for optimal performance
Grow business at your pace.
Local or Global
Entreprenuer-centered approach
Practice with forward-thinking spot on leadership.
Mastermind accountability environment.
Live-Stream Training/Support
Identify emerging markets
Develop On-Line Social Presence
Group Coaching
One-to-One Coaching
How It Works
Some need learning in the classroom.  Others need self-paced, flexible opportunity that meets the demand of busy schedules.   Audacity understands the importance of accessible programming and flexible learning styles.  Our program structure is designed to offer programs for the visual, aural, verbal, and physical learning styles from any where in the world in supportive environments.

We teach you to build the logic model evaluates your performance outcomes.

Own Your Stage 
Marketing 101™
Video Business Card Marketing Video